Wrench Collection
Links To Good Tech Sites
  • Virtual Biker
  • Hawg Rider's Tech Forum
  • Heavy Duty Cycles
  • TC88 by Preacher
  • Night Rider
  • Biker Heaven
  • Duckman's Bitchin' Biker Page (A European site)
  • Pilgrim's other scooters.
    Pilgrim's other scooters.

    Talk Around the Fire
    Go ahead Bikers can be strange folk!
    Bikers can be strange folk!
    Here's a few pics.
      Gotta have meat! Men are Hunters
    Thoughts about why men and women do some things the way they do.
    Gotta have berries!
    Women are Berry Pickers


    Great Trips & Places
    Shiprock NM A desert highway in Nevada Utah Hwy 14 The Columbia Gorge. Monument Valley The Grand Tetons
    and others not so great
    Rules, Tips, & and Tech
    The best thing to bring to a gunfight.

    Never bring a knife to a gunfight!
    Click image for more wisdom on riding, mechanical stuff, and living.
      Here's a few jokes.
    Send yours in if you want.
    If they aren't old and moldy I might include 'em.