Talk Around the Fire
This is a collection of various and sundry writings by Pilgrim, or maybe others too. If it is from someone else, it will be clearly identified. If a reader has something to contribute, send it in. If I like it, I'll post it and say whose it is. Tech material or jokes will go to those pages.

This page is set up so that if you click something it will pop up in another, separate window. When you are done, just close that window and you will wind up back here.

  • Why Helmets in a Free Land?
    Text of a 1997 letter by Pilgrim from Eastside ABATE to the Washington State Legislature.   (Politics)

  • A Money Makin' Idea.
    A sharp, humorous look at some guys who call themselves bikers.  (Satire)

  • Recovery
    A tale of a scooter lost, then found.   (Fiction)

  • The New Bike
    Yeah, I bought a BMW - so what? (2001)   (Discussion)

  • You, and John Law
    Roadside Encounters.   (Advice)

  • PAIN! (Essay)
    Stupidity and pain are closely linked. Who knew?