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      The Grim Reaper
     A '72 74" rigid.
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2007 FLTR - Thunder The new bike, as of 7/3/07. July, 2006 - After 22 years on the FXRT my wife decided recently that it was time for a new scooter. I'd said for years that if I ever wrapped Big Red up into a tight little ball of tinfoil in a ditch somewhere this is what I'd buy to replace it. Well, I didn't wreck the RT but she went looking and this is what followed her home. Big Red is gone now, sold, but this has become my new, long-distance ride.

Yeah, I sometimes miss the RT's lean clearance and its "kick sand in your face and steal your girlfriend" power but the Road Glide leans far enough and with the new HD 96" engine (Stage One mods and Andrews 26 cams installed) and the 6-speed tranny, it has power enough. I'll no doubt dick around with it before long to see what else is there,though.

And it is sooo comfortable. Never thought I'd own a scoot with a radio and cruise control, but there it is. They come with the machine, and I find that I enjoy them. Damn! I must be getting old.

July, 2011. Well,I went and done it! I just knew I couldn't leave it alone! Did a heavy-duty build summer of 2011 at around 50k miles (truth be told, I was laid up that summer with a busted hip after a darn bicycle crash. Don't tell anybody I was on one, you hear, now! Or that I actually had to pay somebody to do it since I wasn't getting around much in the shop.) Just for kicks and grins, I tried to stay with Screaming Eagle parts, although I admit that others may have more potential. Here it is - Screaming Eagle, unless otherwise indicated: 103" cylinders, flat-top cast pistons for 10.5 compression ratio, MCR heads, SE259 cams, heavy-duty clutch plate, new lifters, Perfect Fit pushrods, 10mm plug wires. The non-SE parts are an LSR Black Hole 2 into one exhaust and a ThunderMax AutoTune ECM. It runs real good, but how ya gonna leave things alone? This month (12/12) I'm taking the heads to Dewey's heads in Tacoma, WA where he'll polish 'em up, cut a couple of Singh Grooves in each head, and install big intake valve.
Big Red is for sale  SOLD!
As of April 24, 2009 Big Red is gone to a happy buyer in Florida who is getting the best damn FXRT in the whole U.S. of A. And that means he's getting the best damn speed-touring Harley ever put together. He better keep a spare license handy 'cause it'll cruise all day at 100+.
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The Big Tank for Big Red.
A replacement engine (107" S and S) knocked what had been pretty mediocre mileage on the 80" motor, in the high 30s and low 40s, down to about 32 to 36 mpg. That and the four-gallon tank put such short legs on this long-rider that something had to change. So I made a big tank. Here's how.
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big tank
Yeah, I went and bought a BMW back in February, '01. Click the pic to read about why a dedicated Harley freak would do that, and a comparison after 6,000 miles of the BMW R1100RT with the Harley FXRT, your host's major long-distance ride for 15 years. BMW R1100RT Here's a followup comparison article written after two years and 36,000 miles on the BMW.
  The BMW is for sale now.
SOLD 3/29/06
Nothing wrong with it, it's just not right for me any more. Drop me an email if interested.
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