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Ride Far. Stop. Sleep. Repeat.
The motorcycle nomad in his natural element.  

So, who likes Harleys?

There's no hard and fast way to tell who's a "Harley Type," but there are clues to be found in your personal makeup. . .

If you think a pistol ought to look like a GI .45 but a Glock leaves you cold, then maybe you ought to be on a Harley.

If you'll ride across the state to have a look at an old steam engine passing through somewhere, but you get impatient waiting at a railroad crossing when a diesel-electric locomotive goes by, then maybe you ought to be on a Harley.

If you'll search the sky to discover the source of that beautiful roar made by a thundering radial aircraft engine, but you don't search out a turbine's scream with your eyes, then maybe you ought to be on a Harley.

It's about heritage, and elemental machinery, you know? Certain things that just look and sound and feel right. There is an element to appreciation of mechanical things that goes beyond the tangible, and logical, and efficient. If you are a Harley person you'll feel the tug in your gut, and nothing else will do.

And if you already own a Harley and don't understand what I'm talking about - well, maybe you should look around.


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