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It started life as a 1972 FLH. Still 74" but cammed, and piped. Belt primary from 1981 Sturgis. Suicide clutch and jockey shift, and a pure kick start.

It's in pieces now, waiting for me to rebuild it. There will be flowed heads, SU carb, and a Joe Hunt magneto. Oil bag will be cylindrical aluminum, and oil filter will be mounted inside the run of the primary belt. There'll be a custom seat by Mac's of Seattle. Paint is by Kram.

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The rebuild is DONE! To see some pics, click HERE
Well, ain't that the way of things? Get a scooter all built and rebuilt and then sell it! I bought the critter from a guy here in town waaay back in 1991 and it was pretty barren, then. It ran but it was kinda rough around the edges and had no theme aside from plain black paint and chrome ducktail and front fender. I rebuilt it from scratch, including the paint, the first time in 1992 while I lived in Puerto Rico. Believe me, that was a process back then! But I'll say this for Puerto Rico, at least in those days: you just about couldn't get arrested for traffic offenses if you were on a Harley, and a spaghetti colander with a string as a chinstrap could pass for a helmet.

Anyway, I came back to Yakima a few years ago and one day last summer (2012) I ran into the guy I had bought it from. He was lamenting that he had ever sold it, and I was lamenting that I lacked the bucks I needed to turn my 96" 2007 Road Glide into a 103" hot-rod. A deal was struck, cash changed hands, and both our needs and desires were met. He's a happy camper, and well he might be,considering what I took for it after what I'd paid him for and then put into it. But, man, you oughta take a ride on my Glide! And, to make it better, I'm about to take the Screaming Eagle MCR heads off of it and get them cleaned up and flowed. My signature line says, "Your bike is $2,000 away from being dead, solid perfect. And it always will be." True, that.

rear fender