For many, Harleys become an all-consuming passion - nobody who rides remains untouched by the experience

The word always used is "freedom" - a rider trying to explain the experience and lifestyle will always come back to that word.  But if you ask him what it means he usually gets a distant look in his eye as he searches for the words to explain, then winds up saying "Well, you know . . ."
and then kind of fades off, because, well. . . you have to experience it.

The slogan that says

"If I have to explain, you wouldn't understand"Jim at home on the road.
is the truest thing ever written about the lifestyle.

Man or woman, the fact that you even think about owning a Harley says volumes about you, your attitudes, your outlook.  Somewhere inside you lies a bit of a rogue, a nonconformist, and yes, an adventurer.  The world may see you every day with one face, but inside you wear a set of leathers and a tattoo, and your eyes are focused down the road, looking for a horizon you haven't seen yet

The world never looks better than it does over a set of handlebars.

Take load off, A new day, and  miles to go. and I'll tell ya some more.